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212/365 PLASE!!!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!! : View On Black

I framed it and everything, but i had my tripod inside the car and i had no time to run and get it so i used my mom as human tripod but i swear i framed it and everything. when i saw this part of the Museum i was like OMG MOOOOOOOOOOM! So i just got back and edited it! :D I like it !

There's some other photos i took today that I liked that MAYBE i will show you other day, i'm sure i will upload them in facebook because it was a cool day in MAC ( Museo de Artes contemporaneas )

Comic note: my pose reminds me of that famous photo os Keanu R. LOL

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  1. darlye.▲ 73 months ago | reply

    i really love this.!

  2. take_my_breath 73 months ago | reply

    thaaaaaaaaaanks you friends!

  3. [carleigh jean] 73 months ago | reply

    Oh man, the shadows the window cats on the floor is awesome. Wonderful shot!

  4. Liz ϟ Meehan 73 months ago | reply

    i see your hair! and it looks cute!

  5. collg1958 (AWAY FOR A WHILE) 73 months ago | reply

    Superb shot! Great title!!!

  6. curlygirl06 [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

    Title totally matches with whole picture, wonderful

  7. Regina Leah 73 months ago | reply

    oh wow the shadows are amazing.

  8. take_my_breath 73 months ago | reply

    thaaaaaaaaaaaanks :D

    this pic is so forever alone

  9. Ivano Rebustini 73 months ago | reply

    Don't be shy, show new haircut :-P

  10. henrybritten 73 months ago | reply

    the use of space and light is so good!

  11. Reanne Li 73 months ago | reply

    The use of space and lighting here is incredible.

  12. Rob Woodcox 73 months ago | reply

    gahhhh! Andres I love this one too, the shadows and emotional look it has are amaaaaazing!!

  13. Rob Woodcox 73 months ago | reply

    p.s. good thing you stopped to take this photo :P

  14. Kevin_oux 73 months ago | reply

    Amazing , awesome shadows!

  15. Luchi Capurro [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

    Por ahi estoy ciega, pero no le veo nada malo al encuadre! Me encanta ese cuarto y las sombras!

  16. Mr. Caulfield 73 months ago | reply

    Great lightning and pose!

  17. inactive now 72 months ago | reply

    wow, the light and location

  18. Ruuth 72 months ago | reply

    nice place, great shadow! :)

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