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    Balfour was so good! Out of like three or four times passing ducks and geese he only tried to chase them once. But he was on a leash... He wanted to play so bad. But was actually a lot calmer than he usually is around small animals.

    Food guarding modification.
    Balf is actually very prone to food aggression/guarding, he's doing fairly well for me doing so little with him.... >.> I know, bad me.
    The very second night I had him home I went to reach for his dish of food for some reason. Now, he was tiny and fluffy, only 8 weeks old. Well, he gave me a hard stare and then attempted to fight me. No not just nip or something, I mean fight me. I was laughing so hard I didn't even think to be concerned. He didn't get the rest of his meal for an hour until he calmed down and I hand fed him for a couple weeks. I will never forget his tiny puppy attempt at intimidation growl. Hilarious. :P Anyways, yes he's prone to food guarding (not uncommon for pyrs at least to dogs and people) and from an early age.

    1. FrogPeople 57 months ago | reply

      But, Mom, look, they're talking to me. They want to play too!!!

    2. Dogloverlou 57 months ago | reply

      Ty would chase too, but Missy isn't fussed by birds. She was once chased by a group of Geese! lol.

      That was very young to witness resource guarding from Balfour! :0 My two have always been good around food, thankfully.

    3. bunchadogs & susan 57 months ago | reply

      ours are pretty okay with their food. except quiz. she steals.
      so they are watched at feeding time.

      and balfour is being a very very good boy.
      gracie, sweet gracie, caught and ate a bird in the house yesterday.
      I wasn't quick enough.
      Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

    4. bunchadogs & susan 57 months ago | reply

      thank you!
      Found and admired in:
      the little dog laughed

      ( ?² )

    5. Spud Dogs 57 months ago | reply

      such a good, patient boy :)

    6. ~Liz. 57 months ago | reply

      heheh! I had a dog who obeyed when off-leash except a couple times when it came to ducks, and thankfully he never caught one. Excellent PoF!

    7. Pomaroo 57 months ago | reply

      Oh what a good boy!

    8. A.C.Jacobs Photography 57 months ago | reply

      Good boy, Balf! Geese are nasty when threatened.

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