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The Pups

And a kitty butt. :)


In contrast (sorta) to the last article. Celebrate the wolfiness of dogs.


I'm still not sure not about how I feel regarding wolf hybrids. Not about the morality of breeding them or their behavior in general, they make great dogs under stable people not focused on domination. But I do agree with Laura Coppinger, the dog is an amazing evolutionary feat due to years of selective breeding. The dog can do much that wolves cannot, especially in areas of specialization (it would be difficult to get a pack of wolves to pull a sled, or herd sheep, to be a seeing eye dog, etc). Does this mean they are of greater value to wolves and wolves are inferior? No, not at all. But each species is amazing in and of themselves, so why would we muddy up their genetics by hybridizing them? Thanks to Rachel Lauren ( ) I understand that some people are breeding them to produce a more "tame" version of wolf to educate the public and reduce fear and hatred for the species. But as far as I know this is the minority, and I don't understand why other than for this reason anyone would cross breed dogs and wolves. Thoughts?

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Taken on March 17, 2012