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Part Two Continued | by Andromeda Honds
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Part Two Continued

Part three of decrazifying Buddy. With his new harness I can safely take him to and from the van. He now gets to go places with me. He can watch the birds, wildlife, and smell the wild places we go from the safety of the vehicle. And now everyone else can actually sleep at night..


Ive had cats before my three now, and including Shiva and Fluffy i've never owned nor knew of a cat quite so crazy. Especially for his age (six or seven now)... He meows incessantly, in the room, out of the room, wherever, and his meows can be as loud as Balfour's barking. When that doesn't work (though what he wants who knows, we offer him petting) he trots around does stuff to pester either us humans or the other animals. Attacking Fluffy or Shiva, biting a dog, scratching the furniture (only when he's trying to attract attention does he do this), or runs across counters knocking stuff down. Besides this he will gorge himself on anything edible (if you have a weak stomach stop reading). He eats so fast and so much that he will puke, but he'll eat his puke and then continue eating until the cycle starts again... i don't think this is normal cat behavior... I love him but he's quite weird. These steps are greatly helping though to calm him down in the house.

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Taken on November 7, 2010