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Video of motorists honking in support of the Friday Protesters in Tyler, Texas. That's right, Tyler (aka Bush Country®) East (Prince of Peace Land™) Texas!


This was a weird day. First of all, there was a suspicious package called in by a meter maid which the local news media jumped on and spread fear throughout the city. The police were swarming the area, trying to do their job and secure this terrorist WMD®. During all this excitement, there was a tornado sighted touching down in the county, so the civil defense sirens were sounding off as well, adding to the mayhem. As it turned out, Judson, who was not even 100 feet from it said it was a box of trash left by some transient or some such character.


Still, no attention from the media. I suppose it's just as well they didn't, as Dave suggests, "Five folks with signs is not real good 6 o'clock news imagery. Probably better off not having the coverage, frankly." But my answer to that is that I am surprised anyone protesting the war in Tyler, TX is newsworthy - especially the regular positive response they were getting the whole time I was there. That was to me, unexpected. Not even a single bullet whizzed by. Miraculous.


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Uploaded on May 4, 2008