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Complete box, on

Complete box, on Electrical parts Wiring in parallel, inputs Wiring in parallel, with 2 outputs connected Marking the holding plate Drilling holes for the lamp holders Fitting the lamp holders and terminal strip to the holding plate Cutting the rest of the box panels Beading: top and bottom of the internal holding plate Beading: bottom plate Beading: bottom panel, side panels and holding plate Hole in side panel for power cable All box panels bar the top, assembled Complete box without plastic cover Complete box with plastic cover Macro shot: setup Macro shot: final Mid-sized shot: final Mid-sized shot: setup Specular highlights shot: final

This is a simple 4 lamp lightbox I made for continuous studio lighting.

Full instructions are at: photo-lightbox

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HendrikMorkel says:

Looking forward to the Guide. This could be a useful tool for work & pleasure =)
Posted 79 months ago. ( permalink )

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AndrewSleigh says:

I've updated this and included a link to the full instructions - here:
Posted 79 months ago. ( permalink )

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