Hayward Meets Hollywood Artist Apprentices
"I've had as many as five assistants during the prep period and varnish stage and one to three helpers for the painting and drawing process.
I tell people if they help me, I’ll teach them how to do mural art.

Lead assistant artist and apprentice Alani Taira has been a big help and an inspiration on a daily basis for me, Her color mixing and suggestions were vital to the success of this project. She also is featured as the model for the goddess figure on the Movie Palace Tower Mural located on C Street mural.

For all three of the Hayward Meets Hollywood, four part time assistants helped me from one to three times a week, three of my helpers are students of mine from Hayward High: Tony Alvarez, Maria Rosales and "The BlendMaster" himself, Shannon Soto.

Bay Area College and University Art students included: Edwin Soto, Shannon Soto, Sasha Flamm and Zulyn Max.

Other assistants were Larry Peters, Chris Wyers, Attila Cziglenyi,

At the very end of the project Steve Clem and his Authority Painting crew came through to me help varnish all three Hayward Meets Hollywood Murals.

I was blessed with the support of my family, a few dedicated artist assistants, art apprentices and friends that enabled me to achieve my vision for this project."

~Andrew Kong Knight
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