Hayward Meets Hollywood Murals
Artist Andrew Kong Knight's “Hollywood Meets Hayward,” is a series of three monumental murals that surround the Cinema Place Parking Structure located at the corner of Foothill Boulevard and C Street in downtown Hayward, California.

Each mural in the tryptic, which features Knight's new and original design based on the 1920s and 30s Art Deco movement, incorporates the existing architecture of the parking structure and adjacent Century Theater Complex. A nighttime theme, searchlights, and a border that mirrors the design and colors of the surrounding structure also tie all three murals together.

The theme of each massive mural is a confluence of people and landmarks of contemporary Hayward with images inspired by the glamour of Hollywood and the movies.

A description of each mural:

“Hollywood Meets Hayward”
Shows a Hayward city skyline in the foreground that features local residents strolling in front of All Saints Church to the left, the new City Hall in the center, and the old City Hall on the right. In the mid ground the Hayward hills are reminiscent of the Hollywood hills with searchlights lighting up the night.

This mural faces east on Foothill Blvd. at the corner of C St.

“ Movie Palace Tower” features a 30 foot luminous theatre facade flanked by the two main inlets that lead into the city of Hayward: the San Mateo Bridge on the left and a BART train on the right, paying homage to Art Deco's celebration of modern technology and transportation. The decorative spiral pattern in the immediate foreground symbolizes the bay. Inside the tower at the top is a female moon goddess figure holding up a crescent moon sculpted in relief. Knight based the figure and pose on sculpture from the Deco era and historic goddess imagery.

This mural faces south on C St. at the corner of Foothill Blvd. across from the Crab Shack formerly the Hayward Fishery.

“Night at the Silver Screen”; depicts a scene from one of Hollywood's most memorable movie epics of all time set in a classic Art Deco theatre interior, featuring people in the audience made up of Hayward residents and velvet curtains surrounding the giant forty foot screen. This mural was the last of the series, completed by Knight in 2012.

This mural faces west in the alleyway off of C St.

A formal public dedication of the murals is currently being planned for 2016 to celebrate the 140th birthday of the City of Hayward, the murals completion, and the renovation and improvements of the downtown area.
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