Fields of Dreams Murals
Artist Andrew Kong Knight Paints 3 "Fields of Dreams" Murals for Hayward Little League Players

Award-winning California artist Andrew Kong Knight murals on the Little League scoring booths at Sorensdale Park in Hayward, CA. This mural installation includes three 15 by 30 foot murals inspired by the classic baseball movie, “Field of Dreams.” These bright, glowing, gem like, upbeat murals took five months to complete.

The unveiling celebration was held on March 7th 2015, the same day as Tennyson American Little League opening day. The event marked the 60th year of the league.

The unveiling featured a speech by a friend of Knight's, World Series Baseball pro Michael Young.
Later, Young unveiled the first mural in the series, by cutting a ribbon tied across the mural.

City Councilman Francisco Zermeno was also in attendance and unveiled the third mural in the mural series.

Knight said that the murals reminded him of his very first public mural that he created at James Logan High School over thirty years ago. That mural was on cinder block as well and was approximately the same size as this series with similar subject matter.

"I had more than a few flashbacks to that mural and my high school days during the creation of this recent series." Knight said.

And so, he dedicated the murals were dedicated to his former High School Art Instructors, Liz Lyons Friedman and Missy Warhurst. Warhurst and Friedman unveiled the second mural in the series and also revealed the plaque that was attached to the mural.

Knight said of his former High School teachers: "Thanks for your great support, encouragement not only during high school, but throughout the years, including this unveiling. You have meant more to me than I could explain in words and your impact to me early was immense and I'm forever grateful."

Knight said finishing his murals are "always bittersweet."
"They are my babies -- it's bitter because I have to say goodbye at some point and sweet in that I don't have to labor on them anymore," he said.

East Bay residents may recognize Knight’s artwork from other Hayward murals including the “Hayward Meets Hollywood” mural, the “Hayward Movie Palace” mural, and the “Gateway to Hayward" mural.

By Alyssa Goard, NBC BayArea News

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