2010 Singapore Mountainbike Carnival
30th May 2010

2nd day of the carnival which featured the BMX races.

The 2010 Singapore Mountainbike Carnival is part of the buildup to the Youth Olympic Games. Was there to shoot as a practice session and to recce the Tampines BMX Park (TBP) which is one of the official YOG venues.

For the BMX bikers, this track has 26 jumps and 3 banked corners. The track is built by Tom Ritzenthaler.

All shots were captured in JPG , minimal edits , a little crop here and there. All images 100% shot with my D3 / Nikkor 80-400mm combination.

Was shooting from the tracks & shooting at 300mm - 400mm focal lengths all the time so that made it a little more challenging when trying to capture the leaps.

Focusing was a combination of manual pre-focusing (for the leaps) & continuous AF. Wish my 80-400 had faster AF.

The sport is relatively fast , to really freeze the action a shutter speed of 1/800s - 1/1000s is definitely required.

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