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La Boqueria, Barcelona.

La Boqueria is a historic and famous fresh food market located on the Rambla. If you are on La Rambla then you must visit La Boqueria. This is a historic old market famous for the quality and diversity of its wares that come from all corners of the earth. It is said of this market that "if the unicorn existed it would be sold here!" La Boqueria is also known as the Mercat de Sant Josep (Saint Joseph's market) because it is located on a site that was a convent and originally intended to be later used as the courtyard of the church of Sant Josep.


The Boqueria market has a history that dates back to the middle ages with the old record of a market on this spot in 1217. Back then la Rambla was a stream ourside the city walls The story goes that the King's representative gave a demonstration of how to butcher "boc" which is a Catalan name for mountain goat. Apparently this is the origin of the name Boqueria. In modern times first merchants moved into the old convent of St. Josep in 1840 years ago to found what is now the present day "Boqueria Market" - "El Mercat de la Boqueria".


The foundation stone was laid on St. Joseps Day in 1840, and with it an ounce of gold and several gold coins under the foundation stone. as a symbol of the riches that this new market would produce. different denominations of gold coins, were placed below that first stone, as a symbol of the richness that the market would produce. The market was open-air until 1914 when the metal roof was added. SInce then there have been various modernisations, but it still retains the old market atmosphere and a positiion as Spain's larget market. Today it is a food market and a tourist attraction with a couple of very famous tapas bars where you can enjoy market food prepared the old fashioned way. (From Barcelona Yellow).

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Taken on September 14, 2010