Milky Way over Dookie

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    I’ve always wanted to get a Milky Way shot. I’ve dozens of them in my favourites, and I had hoped to try while I was in Fiji however the weather wasn’t cooperating. So on Saturday or should I say very early Sunday morning, just before going to bed I made the mistake of looking out the window and seeing a clear night. Here’s my first attempt, using the house as a backdrop. I'm worried I've got the bug, so there will be more of these to come.

    Canon EOS 7D; 10mm; ISO-3200; f/4; 30secs

    1. Nicole Bechaz 32 months ago | reply

      It`s funny Andrew I had to call in to my Mum and Dad`s Saturday night, I`m in Wangaratta and noticed how clear the sky was. Dad walked me out to the car and I said to him look how clear that sky is! So I thought when I get home I`II try to take a shot of it. Got home walked out the backyard, and I could only just see it, not happy! You`ve done an excellent job! Great shot!

    2. Andrew Fleming Photography 32 months ago | reply

      Thank's Nic! It was amazingly clear, but unfortunately also dam cold. I only lasted about 20 minutes before my ears were stinging and I couldn't feel my fingers any more, and thus had to give it up.

    3. PhotosbyDi 32 months ago | reply

      Good one Andrew.
      The stars are amazing and the galaxy is a great success.
      Well done.

    4. jonmilligan 32 months ago | reply

      Very nice Andrew, If I was anything but lazy I could have taken a shot of the same piece of sky. Well done.

    5. Craig Francisco 32 months ago | reply

      Nice! I'd love to say I'll join you in that (my recent attempts at he moon have me looking skyward and watching the charts), but when you're down here, we just cant see the same thing :(

    6. DebbLG 32 months ago | reply

      Nice Andrew - and yes, star trails are addictive, I've been playing with them too :)

    7. Filippo D'Anselmi 31 months ago | reply

      La invitiamo a postare questo scatto su :

      "Italia by night "

    8. E . K 31 months ago | reply

      really nice!

    9. judy mc-e 31 months ago | reply

      Love the colours and the amount of detail in the milky way. Must have a go.

    10. Alex..H 30 months ago | reply

      very nice!

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