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In case you're wondering, I'm Jesus X)


I've been tagged by a couple of people, and I originally wasn't going to do it, but since my friend finally made the picture available I was compelled to make it so...


1. Despite my appearance and many of my friends I am a classic rock/indy/almost anything/j-pop/folk/ guy and rarely a metal head

2. This is a picture taken after a concert of my friend's band.

3. I'm very childish at heart, and say very cuddly sweet things when I'm with my girlfriend.

4. My girlfriend's name is Susana.

5. As other's that have been tagged before me have pointed out, cheese is HEAVENLY.

6. Seafood is HEAVENLY too.

7. I love the Beatles.

8. I've been drawing before I could walk and I even have a purple folder filled with drawings from when I was a kid. Most of them are of Thomas the Tank Engine, and some of them are... pretty good.

9. Tecate...mmm-meh

10. I dream to go to a couple of places: South Korea (for the food), Japan (for the food), Spain (for the food), China (for the food) and to a LEGO convention to meet all my new LEGO friends :)

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Uploaded on December 30, 2009