• What's his subject, the in-focus stair case or the blurry biker? - The Ludt Family
  • Seems to me the subject of the whole picture is movement (downwards). Pitching down the stairs or rushing down the hill on a bike. Either way the contrast of the static position of the photographer and the solidity of the buildings with the movement is what makes this picture great for me. - AndrewNZ

Mario's Bike

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A deleted Cartier-Bresson picture. Could anyone believe that?

Bigger size here

Note: This picture was submitted to the deleteme pool without any mention to the original author. After a dozen or so "great" comments its was revealed.
This whole experience shows several things. You are welcome to take your own conclusions. After all, art is some kind of mirror.

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  1. vangruvie 66 months ago | reply

    historically significant...no doubt about that...I do wonder, though, what the irate members above would comment if this this photo were not by the holy master himself?

    who is to judge what defines any great piece of art?...the undeducated public?...the educated elite?...all of the above?

    I find the above debate fascinating...particularly the ridicule.

  2. swissrolli 63 months ago | reply

    this shot really needs some beautiful drops of colour bokeh to succeed.

  3. Joana Joana 63 months ago | reply

    Oh, the comments.

  4. Joana Joana 63 months ago | reply

    impossible elbow nikon D2? I'd guess a Leica M2... Lol!

  5. Brian McGloin 62 months ago | reply

    It's really funny when people don't understand sarcasm or satire.

    It doesn't matter who shot this or that it was done on flammable B&W film in a time when ASA 125 was curiously fast. Bresson was a master because of what he produced and the amount of time and passion he put into it. Of course not everything he did was perfect or genius, but also there weren't as many completely wretched idiots pumping out horrid, tacky trash as there are now.

    I imagine the average "pro" now would be completely helpless without their assistants and full automatic everything.

    Keep in mind the camera he used for this didn't have auto focus, and it probably didn't even have an auto winder -- it may have predated the advance lever.

  6. Joana Joana 62 months ago | reply

    But he is a genious and the image is both intriguing and got a conceptual value. End of history.

  7. iamsheep 59 months ago | reply

    ChiILLeica Actually he took 20+ shots from that spot and chose one from the contact sheet....but I know what you mean :)

  8. hockeylaxchick 58 months ago | reply

    Love of Carnage! You are a special kind of stupid aren't you?

  9. emailsarenice 58 months ago | reply

    If you knew that this was one of the best photographs of all time, would you stand back, behind your curtain of amateur critique, and realise that you're criticising a legend far beyond your skill? Nope. You don't even know what you're looking at. Learn to read first, then learn to write.

  10. alphadesigner 58 months ago | reply

    The best photographs of all time? Said who? Why should someone form an opinion based on what other people say? This is art, not mathematics. There's always more than one answer. People know exactly what they are looking at - it's photo of a blurred bike with an unusual composition. Some think this is extraordinary. Others think this is bland and boring. And then there are some who don't think but just act as they are told to by other people. Welcome to planet Earth.

  11. impossible elbow [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

    hockeylaxchick yeah, it's called 'comedy' ... you're a bit thick, aren't you?

  12. Thomas_H_photo 57 months ago | reply

    Ten deletes, four saves.

    I've heard of this being done in other critique groups, but had never seen it in actual practice.

    Just goes to show: a lot of the time, art is about agreement.

  13. Will Goring 57 months ago | reply

    This is my favourite thread on the whole of Flickr. It's just brilliant.

    Andre Rabelo, I bow down to you for the best troll of all time.

  14. artmuse10 45 months ago | reply

    really great photo!!

  15. Julio França 28 months ago | reply

    Só relembrando e rindo aqui :D

  16. Brian McGloin 28 months ago | reply

    All of these years later, this photo is still getting comments.

    I happen to really like the photo, as I probably said once or twice in the past 6 or 8 or something years.

  17. expensive destruction [deleted] 27 months ago | reply

    I just found it as it is linked from here:

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