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Mission São Tomé e Príncipe, day 03. Following our guide Spencer into São Tomé's primary rainforest, which covers over fifty percent of the island. Trails lead through old impenetrable virgin woods, deep mountain forest covers the steep slopes of the island, and while some tracks follow old roads or railway, others are only someones footsteps. Thanks to Spencer, we were able to see one... two... three black snakes, one of the most deadliest in Africa. A bite from this stilish high poisonous reptile (all black with a yellow stripe) means death in one hour, unless you have the antidote. The second snake we saw (well: Spencer saw), was only two meters from my right leg, disguised in the vegetation. We were walking, suddleny Spencer turned back, said: shhhh, and ordered us to stop. Then he slowly pointed a certain bush with the machete. There she was, mademoiselle black snake. Three meters of style, tension, elegance. And death, naturally


São Tomé e Princípe is an African country in the Gulf of Guinea, right on the Equator. A former colony of the Portuguese Empire, the island of São Tomé offers dramatic landscapes with torrents and waterfalls on its slopes, luxuriant mountains which culminates in Pico de São Tomé (2,024 m), sheer cliffs over the sea, as well as huge plantations (café, cacao) from the colonial era, primary rainforests filled with exotic birds, butterflies, black snakes and lush vegetation

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Taken on February 4, 2012