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the katana

Got invited to take part in Shawn's RockingRoadTrip this past weekend. Drove some pretty amazing contenders in the top-end of the performance saloon bracket. Although The Audi S4 edged this 335i on power, speed and mechanical grip, I'd have this one every day of the week, twice on Sunday. I swear the damn thing embraced me slightly as I slipped into the drivers seat.


The Katana reference is part of a analogy that I thought of, to compare the three cars. The BMW 335i, a Katana, finely crafted from the purest materials, single-edged and gracefully curved, carrying the soul of the cutler. The Audi A4, a light-saber, perfect, powerful, cuts on any side, made by engineers. What's a soul? The Lexus IS 350, a broad-sword. Big, heavy, padded handle, cuts both ways, made by a big ugly man with a hammer. Packs the fury of Thor himself, tho.

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Taken on May 26, 2012