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The Casino :: | by andre govia.
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The Casino ::

This shot taken in the grand casino, with the ruby red carpets and décor, gold leaf painted and roulette table lights still in place, to the right a bar and to the rear the casino chip in-house bank with its tinted glass and copper colour surround.

The two diamond chandeliers hang from above casting light patterns on the gold velvet drape curtains, the grand style of this ballroom size casino would make any hotel proud, the damp mould

Eating away the chairs and bar stalls were sad but also so hypnotising the hard winters are taking their toll on this old hotel for sure.


The exploration of this long abandoned hotel was truly an unsettling experience. Everybody had camera problems, curtains move, weird sounds, doors shutting and you have the feeling you are being watched every step you take.left to sit for over 12 years in the woods ,the decay was creeping around fast now ,the damp carpets and walls could be smelt ,the hotel is alarmed so our explore was short ,with a few broken windows around that had been fixed someone was looking after this 100 year old hotel ,over 350 rooms on 5 floors with casino and the mood that we were not welcome .i was looking around at all times ,Glass cups covered in thick dust and plates sitting on the tables very creepy ,the silence was like that of snow .the bars were still stocked ,just like the hotel just locked the doors and the people left.too much to say about this place ,we almost tripped the motion sensors around the doors so could not see all of this vast complex ! this hotel was the same as the hotel from the film the shining ! sounds funny but the retro horror film vibe here was strong for sure ,I can almost say i was a litttle frightened in here for some reason.


You wonder why the hotel was abandoned all of a sudden, everything is still there, it seems as if people ran away and never returned.


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Taken on September 17, 2011