West park abandoned hospital

Body store :(


  • Cindi G. 6y

  • Mary Ann Potter 6y

    Fantastic Photo!

    Seen in, The Forgotten!
    Wow. I believe I will just look at this from a respectful distance! 8-)
  • Mondorama Photos 6y

    Wow..creepy shit!
  • Jo Belfield 6y

    I would not want to be walking on my own around there. I think technically it's a good photo - I have a slight feeling about whether the subject is a bit disrespectful though to the people who have lain there.....
  • andre govia. 6y

    Thanks for all your comments :) I would say that taboo areas always get people thinking about such photos but its no more off key than photos of peoples graves .

    www.missionabandoned.com 2008
  • Jo Belfield 6y

    Yes that's a very good point!
  • ~~Summer~~ 6y

    Oh my goodness this creeps me out. It's like a scene from a horror movie! How did you get in there to take this shot I wonder? I however don't think this is disrespectful in any way because there isn't anyone there. It's empty space.

    I saw this in ExplorerboundExplorerbound
  • andre govia. 6y

    I would say that the morgue was empty of people but full of ghosts ,it became so cold inside that we needed to leave,see the photo of the main doors,there is a buleish mist comming out the doors,Im sure i saw somthing flash past inside as i was taking the HDR on my own :(

  • Trond Photography 6y

    So creepy! But indeed a really great capture!
  • Millisynth 6y

    Way too creepy! I love it!

    Frighteningly Good Shot!

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  • g2_gi 6y

    I saw this in ExplorerboundExplorerbound
  • Meteco 6y

    Awesome 10/10

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  • loopy lu's photography 6y

    this is amazing how did u get in there ?
  • nick fullerton 5y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called doors of the world, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Dawn Moss 5y

    Gosh bet it felt really creepy in there.....
  • Tim 5y

    love it!
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