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That's My Boy.

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I really need to stress that he does this to himself. He got himself in. He got himself out. And at no point, was he ever anything other than terribly terribly intent on getting to whatever he thinks lives down there.

Pete: Keeping America safe from the Monster That Lives In The Umbrella Stand since April 2003!

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  1. roschler 110 months ago | reply

    LOL, I saw this same camera perspective of him in another photo methinks. :)

    RadioMeow Group

    Journey: RadioMeow Candidates


  2. andrea z 110 months ago | reply

    (I see quite a bit of that side protruding from various places....)

  3. roschler 110 months ago | reply

    He looks like one of thosee Garfield "rear view" stick on dolls here! Definitely a classic shot!

  4. andrea z 110 months ago | reply

    He was doing this again last night, BTW. By the time I found the camera it was mostly over.

  5. roschler 110 months ago | reply

    One of those photos that makes me laugh every time I come back to it.

    Is he part of the president's "No Cat's Left Behind" program?

  6. Riverside Dreamer 110 months ago | reply

    LOL, what a silly kitty. This is too cute!

  7. feline fancier 109 months ago | reply

    What are you keeping in there (apart from the obvious)? - maybe there's a sider or two to hunt! Love the rear end shot - very funny!

  8. denni0256 109 months ago | reply

    This is something my Harley Taittinger would do, and his butt is about the same size. Totally enjoyed this shot.

  9. kittensforjesus 108 months ago | reply

    this is the view I most often see of my ginger cat too
    what makes them so curious?

  10. andrea z 108 months ago | reply

    The orange cats pool has a place for cats likes ours! (Also Cats in Odd Places.) There've been a few discussion threads on that topic and others. Consensus is that ginger cats are more likely to be nut cases, though.

  11. yipee_ladybug [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

    oh my, that is too funny!!

  12. Prairie Hobbit 105 months ago | reply

    Made me smile !

  13. nikameri 102 months ago | reply

    ah, so cute!!

  14. tygress_janie 97 months ago | reply

    LMAO! OMG, please add to Odd Cat Poses I'll love you forever!

  15. BakkoBrats 91 months ago | reply

    Cracking me up with this shot! Bravo!

    You Are Invited to Post Your Terrific Oreengeness Image in

    Seen in your Most Favorited/My Favorites set. (?)

  16. BakkoBrats 90 months ago | reply

    Hehehehe, still thinking this is one of the best Flickr pics I've seen yet!

    Garfield Banner v2 copy

  17. Vox Sciurorum 88 months ago | reply

    Do you ever sneak up behind him and tickle his butt when he's buried head-down in a portal candidate?

  18. andrea z 88 months ago | reply

    yeah, sometimes you just have to go for it! Although not with the umbrella stand, or when his hindquarters are sticking out in mid air. (It'd be too easy for him to poke his eye out or get tangled up in electrical wire, or something evil like that.)

    But buckets and boxes and shoes, all the time.

  19. Bogeycat 76 months ago | reply

    I'm so glad we have Pete to protect us from the umbrella stand monster. I feel much safer now.

  20. Heidi Donat 56 months ago | reply

    This is a hilarious series!

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