Moleskine; The Sepia One.
My first Moleskine. The sepia one. One page at a time.

53 drawings.
1 drawing I have never (and will never) show.
1 drawing I showed and the deleted.
1 ripped out page (at the very beginning, before I considered collage)
3 drawings with a little added collage.
13 sepia drawing with a little added colour.
30 I like.
13 I don't like.
5 I despise.
12 sepia pens (ish).
1 year and 8 months.
More than 300 hours drawing. Way more.
16 shoes or boots.
1001 Faves on Flickr (at the time of writing this).
Loads of gorgeous comments (thank you).
48 photos · 12,555 views