• Love the UK stamp! - Donna Mulholland
  • the mail order of our MoleyX group
  • and if they complete the journey, they'll have travelled 40,000 miles.
  • Not the worst thing that could happen. ;) - Ryan Wolf
  • Wow - great texture! - Rymann
  • Hehe. I don't believe it's that bad!
  • ahhhh - that explains why he hasn't gotten it yet! - juj ~
  • I suspected that might be what was going on in your head! I hope you're thinking of saving this to paste into Suzanne's - actually, I bet Suzanne is hoping you will! - juj ~
  • Nope, Juj, something quite different. Better, I hope!
  • Yeah, that's a little worrying, right? Eeek.
  • These postmarks - WOW! - natalief
  • nearly went through the paper, here.
  • This window envelope is Awesome!! - *Out of my Mind*
  • Nice map! I can see where I live. Right about here! - PS pics
  • i just want to push these little button pins:) - rucre8tive
  • Paperchase? - version3point1
  • Paperchase? - version3point1
  • And even more Paperchase? - version3point1
  • yup
  • yep, they are Paperchase stickers, but i coloured them in with biro

looking down on everything

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  1. Midwest Ms 61 months ago | reply

    This is WONDERFUL! I just happened upon it, but I'll be back.... I LOVE your work!

  2. p.pa 60 months ago | reply

    demasiado bello!

  3. Anita Dominoni 57 months ago | reply

    A M A Z I N G!!!!
    Im in love!!!

  4. andrea joseph's illustrations 57 months ago | reply

    Thank you all, folks.
    Anita, thanks for the many Faves too!

    Cheers, my dears.

  5. Bharat KV 56 months ago | reply

    This is Brilliant...never even thought of using a blue ball pen for art...
    Thanks for inspiring...

  6. andersdenkend 49 months ago | reply

    Good god. Awesome.

  7. Kris Efe 48 months ago | reply

    Hello, darling!

    Your work has been featured on my blog, Daily Milk becuase is beautiful and very inspiring.

    Check it out here ->> daily-milk.tumblr.com/post/615599324/you-must-check-out-a...

    Have a nice day!

  8. tio gegeca 46 months ago | reply

    Your work is unbelievable!

  9. natalief 41 months ago | reply

    Saw this and thought of you: someone is using this image over here:

  10. andrea joseph's illustrations 41 months ago | reply

    Thanks, everyone.

    Cheers, Natalie, I've mailed them. See if that'll work.
    It's so annoying when sites do that. I don't mind them using it, as long as they link back to me. Not too much to ask, I don't think.


  11. tulumba 36 months ago | reply

    You are fantastic!

  12. lizmaynz1 28 months ago | reply

    I think my brain just exploded with all this amazing art work LOL

  13. seanleefromchina(an amateur painter) 28 months ago | reply

    I ADORE your works. You are my idol.
    And I selfishly hope you are over 150 years old so that I can feel having some time or chance to catch up on skills like this.

  14. Foii 25 months ago | reply

    Your illustrations make my day!

  15. andrea joseph's illustrations 25 months ago | reply

    Wow, guys. Thank you all so much.
    Thanks for the extremley kind words, for the crazy amount of views and the insane number of Faves.

    YOU make MY day!

  16. thevagales 23 months ago | reply

    ... woooOOOOWWWW !!! ...

  17. cgullz 9 months ago | reply

    great art, great stationery, great colour uniformity.

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