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    We have some amazing castles in America, don't we?!?!? Hahaha... SO, as we pulled up to park at Caernarfon Castle, the parking lot and streets were filled with more than just 'tourist' types. We just happened to come on the day the town celebrates Veterans Day. Not only did we get into the castle for free, but we got to talk to some cool people and see some great sights. There were reenactors, different arms of the military, veterans, horses, an old WWII American Jeep (hence this flag) and even a moon bounce.

    1. Andrea HdG 32 months ago | reply


      My buddies. While talking to these reenactors, I mentioned that this year started celebrations along the Chesapeake Bay, of the War of 1812. Ha...thus started a very lively and fun spirited 'discussion' about who REALLY won the war. These guys were awesome.

    2. Andrea HdG 32 months ago | reply

      Town Clerk of Caernarfon, Wales. Loved the mix of past and present....she was texting up a storm

    3. H.GrahamSmith 32 months ago | reply

      Which branch of the service deployed the Moon bounce? :) I must have missed that training.;-)
      I love the town clerk with a camera around his neck.

    4. karma (Karen) 32 months ago | reply

      how cool you were there on this special day
      looks like a beautiful day too!

    5. Charlie Chapman 75 32 months ago | reply

      What fun to be there on such a special day! The US flag against the old castle is quite a sight!
      Seen in my contacts' photos. ( ?² )

    6. Wes Iversen 32 months ago | reply

      Great set of images, Andrea! I love the shot of the two guys with the cannon especially, and the shot of the person dressed in period costume while texting with the camera around her neck is hilarious!

    7. qrp ham guy 32 months ago | reply

      I bet that was a surprise to see old glory flying there.

    8. Andrea HdG 32 months ago | reply

      IT actually was a surprise... I did a double-take :)

    9. shutteringyukon 32 months ago | reply

      haha small world!

    10. PhotoJunket 32 months ago | reply

      A moon bounce, coooolio!

    11. CBALT 2010 32 months ago | reply

      A great set!!!

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