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Micronauts | Magno Figures line-up | by N74 - Toys and other interesting stuff.
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Micronauts | Magno Figures line-up

Micronauts was a North American science fiction toy line manufactured and marketed by Mego from 1976 to 1980.

The core of the Micronaut toy line - designs, articulation and modeling - was based on and licensed from the Microman toy line created by Japanese-based toy company Takara in 1974.


The best feature of the Micronauts was the interchangeability, as parts from one figure could be attached to another, significantly increasing the playability of the toy line (in addition to stimulating the creativity of those that played with them).


In 1977 Mego launched the magno-powered figures line-up that get their name from their magnetic ball-and-socket joints in their legs, shoulders, and heads.

These joints give them 180 degree rotation, plus a very reliable method of keeping joints attached. Knee and elbow joints are traditional pin joints with one-degree of freedom. The feet are fixed, but the fists fire with a spring-loaded mechanism.


In the picture above my complete Magno Figures collection plus extra characters bought recently at flea markets.

From top left to top right:

- Baron Karza in a special livery released in Italy by GIG;

- Andromeda (Baron Karza's horse);

- Red Falcon;

- Force Commander;

- Oberon (Force Commander's horse);

- Green Baron (in mib condition);

- Pegasus (Green Baron's horse);

- King Atlas;

- Green Baron;

- Lantaurion (King Atlas's horse);

- Baron Karza (original version);

- Emperor;

- Megas (Emperor's horse).


Most of the characters in the pic belonged to to my brother, some of them I bought in recent years at flea markets.



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Taken on August 28, 2016