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Do me a favor - Call me 'jerk' one more time


TAG GAME: Let's Dance



So cocky wit' it, got my iced out clothes like rocky hit it.



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I was having one of those random thought compulsions where you feel the need to hear/see something and for some reason I wanted to see some 'Dance Central' gaming videos. That led me to the one linked above. That Glitch sure has some swag, does he? ;3


Anyway, posing the boys was really fun overall, though I had my own issues with taking the picture and spacing. I perfect the spacing on pictures after this one but the flash was wrong, so I settled on this one which was the one I liked most anyway.


'Let's dance!

Put on your red shoes

And dance the blues'


Or, in their case 'The dougie' to 'You're a Jerk' ;D

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Taken on May 21, 2012