Glister: The House Hunt
The second in a fun new series for younger girls told in comic-strip featuring the delightfully eccentric Glister Butterworth – girl-magnet for the weird and the unusual.

Strange things happen around Glister Butterworth. (Frightfully inconsiderate it is, too.) Occasionally the strange things begin with a knock at the door … or sometimes a careless word or two. Chilblain Hall may well be a little tumbledown, have creaky timbers and a certain unpredictable air, but it still has feelings. Just like you or me. So it’s quite easy to see how the Butterworths' home got in a huff, uprooted and left after overhearing Mr Swarkstone – a man with his eye firmly on the prize for best Bonny Village – call it some pretty dreadful and damning names. Now homeless, lonely and bored without Chilblain Hall, Glister must find a way to persuade her dearest home and friend back to where it belongs…

* Paperback: 80 pages
* Publisher: Walker (6 Jul 2009)
* Language English
* ISBN-10: 1406320498
* ISBN-13: 978-1406320497

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