Election theft memo from Iran Interior Ministry (Authenticity NOT VERIFIED) #iranelection

I have no idea if this is an authentic document.


If it is, it is a June 13, 2009 (Persian calendar 23 Khordad 1388)

memo from the office of Iran's Interior Ministry to Supreme Leader Ali



The memo informs Khamenei that the interior ministry announced a

victory by Ahmadinejad in accordance with Khamenei's wishes. The memo

says announcing an Ahmadinejad win is in the best interests of the



The chart that follows informs Khamenei of the vote's "real" results.


It says 42 million votes were cast with

with Mousavi getting 19,075,623 votes, Mehdi Karroubi getting

13,387,104 votes, Ahmadinejad finishing a distant third with 5,698,417

votes, and Mohsen Rezaee getting 3,754,218.


(Persian-to-English translation by my father. He read the memo off my phone, so please forgive minor typos).


  • rajay1430 6y

    The number do not add up
    There is 80k missing
  • Murpadelic 6y

    They add up to 41,915,362 - using standard rounding rules, rounding up to 42 million is not unusual.
  • rajay1430 6y

    The memo says 42036078 votes were cast
    Mousavi 19,075,623
    Mehdi Karroubi 13,387,104
    Ahmadinejad 5,698,417
    Mohsen Rezaee 3,754,218.
    No valid vote 38,716
    Add to 41,954,078
    So there is 80k missing
  • tozbo@yahoo.com 6y

    one of the main arguments for the election being a fraud was that it would be impossible to have all the results counted within one day, but these 'real' results are also dated the day after the elections.
  • neil k. 6y

    Of course it wouldn't be impossible to count all the results in one day. Countries all over the world count millions of ballots by hand and report the results within hours. It takes thousands of people counting, but of course you need thousands of workers to run any election in which 40 million people vote.
  • The Searcher PRO 6y

    That's still suspect. Iran uses paper ballots, not even scan-tronic (little black circles), literally checkboxes on a sheet of folded paper. It is highly unlikely, even with "thousands" of people counting, that you would get a full tally, across all regions and remote villages, in twelve hours.

    Also, considering the whole point of rigging an election is to hide and/or destroy the evidence (I'm sure a recount is impossible now, and ballots have been destroyed) about the last thing the cheaters would want to do, is create a memo with the "true" numbers, for whatever reason. So I doubt the veracity of this document greatly.

    That said, it's the government's own tactics that let something like this gain traction. If they continue to lock down any access to evidence, make stuff up with no way to corroborate, then the opposition can easily do the same.

    Basically, when the whole system is built on lies, it makes it pretty easy to fight it with more lies.
  • mcdweller 6y

    i presume the following from the guardian website refers to this document and how it was made public :

    The man who leaked the real election results from the Interior Ministry - the ones showing Ahmadinejad coming third - was killed in a suspicious car accident, according to unconfirmed reports, writes Saeed Kamali Dehghan in Tehran.

    Mohammad Asgari, who was responsible for the security of the IT network in Iran's interior ministry, was killed yesterday in Tehran.

    Asgari had reportedly leaked results that showed the elections were rigged by government use of new software to alter the votes from the provinces.

    Asgari was said to have leaked information that showed Mousavi had won almost 19 million votes, and should therefore be president.

    We will try to get more details later.
  • Steve Rapaport 6y

    Seems unlikely that this will ever be officially verified, regardless of its source. Suspicious car accident pretty much guarantees that.
  • Andisheh Nouraee 6y

    To the person who asked me how I got the memo-

    Someone e-mailed it to me and several hours asking if it's authentic. I don't read Persian, but happened to be sitting with my father who does.

    As Dad read it aloud, it sounded similar to a story I read on Andrew Sullivan's blog last weekend (a commenter above mentions hearing a similar story via BBC).

    As the Guardian link that got most of your here shows, this memo isn't exclusive to my Flickr feed. I suspect The Guardian just linked here because my labelling of the memo is search-engine friendly.

    By way, if anyone can provide a literal, full translation, let me know and I'll post it here.
  • hilmar_h99 6y

    @The Searcher

    Well, there is really no problem in hand-counting 40m votes in a couple of hours. In Germany every election is hand-counted with similar numbers (ca. 35m votes) and 2h after closing the polls there are already very stable results available. It is an easy process: each voting station counts its own votes and submit them to the regional center, where they are accumulated and transmitted to the national center. So each station has to count between 1000-2000 votes, which is very much doable in a couple of hours. (And at that point telecommunications lines were still open...)
  • The Searcher PRO 6y

    hilmar: yes, but areas with huge populations, like Tehran, had results before the polls closed. Some areas had a higher count than there were registered voters. So they were counting so fast they broke the reality barrier.

    But as steve mentioned up there, either way, by now, it will likely be impossible to verify any of the numbers, real or imagined.
  • harrystaab 6y

    Curious to how this came out...

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/blog/2009/jun/17/iran-uprising (?)
  • ChuBi Rone 6y

    I hope it's not a fake....
  • nvysniauskas 6y

    The election results on that are even less realistic than the ones published. There's no getting around the fact that Ahmedinajad has a lot more support than that. I give this no credibility whatsoever
  • fabul1st 6y

    This almost certainly fake. There are a couple of problems right off the bat. Almost all official communications in Iran start with "Besmeh Taali" (in the name of the Most High) -- It's a way of invoking God's name without having the word "Allah" on a piece of paper that may be thrown away or soiled or otherwise treated with less than perfect respect. This letter does not have that phrase on it anywhere. Secondly, the salutation "Sallam Aleikum" below Khomenei's name is far too informal for a letter to the supreme leader. Finally, the very existence of such a document is totally at odds with an orchestrated attempt to steal an election. This is clearly a hoax.
  • shirogomi 6y

    It has already been debunked according to the #iranelection Twitter feed. Analysis showed it to be a poor Photochop (pixel density mismatch amongst other things). Too bad it's fake, but they shouldn't try to fight fraud with fraud.
  • Andisheh Nouraee 6y

    Fabulist- do you have access to other memos for comparison? Can you share them here?

    And shirogomi, can you point us to an analysis of the alleged fakery?
  • Susanna Marsh 6y

    Why haven't we heard anything about this in the media? Any way this can be verified?
  • Andisheh Nouraee 6y

    KyConservative -- if you notice the 15,000 page views, it's from media links. My usual Flickr offerings get 10 views, 7 of which are usually my mom and dad.
  • cohenpat 4y

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