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Yup, it's a bomb | by andhe :-)
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Yup, it's a bomb

Ruckus: Yup, it's a bomb. And a bit of a messy one at that. I'm going to need a few minutes.


Quip: Roger that sarge, but make it quick. I'm picking up two bogeys inbound, and I ain't talking about my nostrils.


//log entry//

//Quip. Comms and Recon//

Another day, another planet. After a while they all start to look the same. Get in, defuse, and get out. That's our M.O. This time it was a power plant. Some terrorists or separatists or whoever had hidden an explosive device for some reason or another. In all honesty, I didn't care, or have the time to reason why. Just get in, defuse, and get out. Hopefully in one piece, which we've been fairly good at up til now.

\\end log\\


Ruckus: Ok, Quip I'm almost done. How are those bogeys looking?


Quip: Stick's taken one out. One holding position. Three more inbound on the scanners.


Ruckus: Ok, good work, I'm done here. Call in the clean up team and let's paint the town red.


Quip: Roger that sarge. Painter, you're up.


//'Painter' charges up the heavy laser cannon//


Painter: (growls) Targets acquired and locked...


'Rumble' Squad. Bomb disposal and demolition specialists.

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Taken on January 20, 2016