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i love my photo class i love the people i love the teacher i love being there and looking at photos and taking notes on photographers and i just love photography so much i can't even begin to describe how much i can't even explain it all in words its just the best thing in the entire world and the rain was beautiful after class, and i am just so happy although my day started out strangely and i felt very weird and off, but when i got to my photo night class i felt happy again and i needed this gah I JUST LOVE THIS i just wanted to go out and take photos right away but i couldn't other then these when i got back into my car, and i loved this on my camera, but seeing this now im not so sure and watermarking makes my photos have crappier quality i realized, it sort of messes with the colors slightly and it only erks me when i pay attention to it

i just love the rain so much

and i love photography

and i just love it with every part of me

and i just want to take photos all the damn time

and i just love it its the best thing in the world and i am so happy cameras exist

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Uploaded on September 5, 2012