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catching up, :l

this is annie, im not digging the grain and such.

headed out after dinner to shoot some photos at the park with annie. And i had an idea, there was this beautiful basketball court i saw the day before and when the sun is about to go down, the lighting is absolutely gorgeous, so i planned to go back tehre, but there had to be a plan B since a bunch of guys were playing basketball there already :/ We ended up going to another park where the sunlight wasn't as fabulous at all :( but oh well. I am so sick of my lens, i really am. I need to get better at this portrait stuff. i used to like my portraits until i got stuck in this rut and i realized how sucky my lens is -_- After we lost the light, i organized my car, took more film photos with a crappy disposable i got at the flea markets (I shouldn't say crappy, i don't care if its dispoable, its film and God they come out lovely.) and headed to starbucks to meet up with Bryan. It was freezing at this point, and its sad that summer is coming to an end but i got into this really weird quiet tired mood, and i realized i am burned out with summer. summer is burned out, i am wore out, it was an amazing summer but it has to end, its gone and i can feel it. i am still stuck in a rut and this week has been a really weird one, waking up everymorning with butterflies in my stomach and such. second to last day of summer, and i am just drained with it all and i guess i just need a new beginning finally. i basically wasted the rest of my night watching berverly hills nannies until late hours and crashed not even being able to upload these or update my blog (waa) so yeah heres to catching up late again. i need to learn to type shorter captions...

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Taken on August 29, 2012