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244/365 warped | by a.n.decker photography©
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244/365 warped

Went to Warped Tour with Greta and get this:

no cameras with removable lens' were allowed. only a point and shoot.


so i only had my cell camera. how lame. and when we got there, the dude checking people's bags didn't check well at all, so i could of sneaked Sophie in after all :( I had a fish eye lens and everything ready to take band shots and it would of been so awesome :(

but anywho, this photo i took right when me and Greta woke up. She has such amazing morning light coming through her blinds, and i DIE when i see those lines of light no matter where i am at so i had to snap some shots. I liked the tones better in the color version (in comments) i edited it, but i like how my eyes stand out more in this b+w edit. So bam. Although this photo makes me somewhat uncomfortable, but that's okay.

Warped tour consisted of-[and in this order] ---

1. being on a hot sticky bus in 90 degrees

2. saw We The Kings

3. poured ice cubes down our shirts because like i said, it was 90 degrees and we were dying

4. Saw a bolt of lightning, got under the main tent just in time for the massive downpour

5. watched some random bands who were playing there (that reminds me- i have to look them up:D ) they were good

7. bands had to change their times because everything was backed up due to the massive storm

8. WAS FOOLED BY THE WEATHER. we thought it was done raining so we all went to go see Yellowcard but it started to downpour. Got all the way to the stage, had to go all the way back because it was canceled since there was thunder and lightning

9. let me note again that i was not under the main tent at this point and got DRENCHED through my clothes and shoes and everything. The backback i brought got soaked through too, so maybe it was a good choice to leave my camera in the car (i can not believe i just said that)

10. everyone was soaked as if we all jumped into a pool with all our clothes on, it was so gnarly (and i mean that in the worst possible way) because i was disgusting and sweaty and at this point wet and freezing my ass off drenched

11. now this has just turned into a weird type of ramble with numbers...okay

12. we all ran back to the main tent (the run was more of a slow ass walk because of the massive amount of people) got there, easily over 2000 people stranded under the main tent for about an hour and a half? I am guessing probably 2 hours.

13. thought the rain would never end ...ever

14. watched over 100 dipshits on top of this massive hill doing slip and slide during a thunderstorm (smart guys...really.) but not gonna lie it was hilarious. you know. to watch people be stupid.

15. finally when the rain let up, we went back to the first stage to see Yellowcard


17. Greta's brother crowd surfed. it would of been more awesome if i actually saw him in that massive crowd

18. I bought a Yellowcard Tee-shirt :D

19. met Yellowcard at a signing and they signed my shirt :D

20. the drummer was the nicest and the only one from the band who actually talked to me (uncool guys....) Longineu W. Parsons you rock though

21. got yelled at by this guard guy because i went back to get a photo and he had a stick up his ass

22. Saw Mayday Parade

23. Saw All Time Low

Got home by midnight, was dead tired, the end.

oh and my converse are now gnarly as hell and ruined

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Taken on July 18, 2012