Project LOVE Sign
It all started with a handmade sign, a camera, and a jolt of inspiration. Put these three things together and behold: you have yourself something by the name of Project LOVE Sign. What is this awesome-sounding project you may ask? Well, to answer your question, Project LOVE Sign is a campaign that requires three things: a handmade sign, our photo studio, and YOU. There are endless ways that love can be interpreted, so show us how you interpret love by either creating a sign of your own or using our humble sign, and letting us take a picture of you to use on our social media to spread some love and positivity. Help us kick start our Project LOVE Sign campaign by letting us take a picture of you, and you will receive a copy of the photo as well so that you can share some love and positivity of your own on social media! Submit a contact form here if you’re interested in being awesome with us.
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