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Mouse pointer track

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Mouse pointer track after 3 hours of working in Photoshop. Black circles are pointer stops (not clicks).

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  1. s_i_t_h_l_o_r_d 61 months ago | reply

    I see that the multiple display seems to work because it recognize the pixel dimension of the second monitor but its placement is not what I have set up. My 2nd monitor is directly above the Cintiq.

    I like the button for an instant desktop pic as a backdrop but I did not use the feature.

    Here's mine at 4.8 hours.

  2. dan.norton 61 months ago | reply

    here's mine, with a little post action on it.

  3. simplexstudios 61 months ago | reply

    Love this program!

  4. tschaus 60 months ago | reply

    very interesting

  5. frau*z 60 months ago | reply

    you should admit, that the 2 biggest points weren't just coffee breaks, they were 2 of 457 daydreams ;) ha ha ha!

  6. Tran H Long 59 months ago | reply

    very nice project you created. i think it would be cool if the time the mouse stops was displayed in digit. so you can see how long your break(s) was out of the whole process. thanks a lot! : )

  7. nmg196 58 months ago | reply

    It's a shame the software emphasises stops (which are irrelevant) rather than clicks and double clicks...

  8. Anatoly Zenkov 58 months ago | reply

    Java security limitations.

  9. ibo_s 58 months ago | reply

    Hahah great idea, but too much breaks :P


  10. WP08 58 months ago | reply

    This is a great little program

  11. kiliankoe 57 months ago | reply

    Coffee Break is a great smiley - Love it!

  12. PerroBG 55 months ago | reply

    In PS Shift +draw/erase/etc create line ;)

  13. galtwill 51 months ago | reply

    COOL! I gotta try this out hehe

  14. Bijutoha 28 months ago | reply

    I need a good tutorial for making it . could you give anyone ?

  15. RichTatum 28 months ago | reply

    I did this some time ago, but I thought you might enjoy it:

    Constellations of Desire

    I showed this to my son tonight, who has Asperger's Syndrome. He was *very* interested. :)

  16. 247flashgames 25 months ago | reply

    Here's the website you can download the application on:

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