AFR#007 / Final Work
Mental Tension is a band of four degenerates who have collected experiences from other bands (Boiling Point, Fyasco, Downstream) and their demo from 2016 caused some well-deserved uproar on our local scene. Their new seveninch continues in their original legacy of mixing stomp hardcore in the vein of Boston Strangler and The Flex with a healthy dose of old school power violence goodness inspired by the gods of Infest. The result is a bestial creation with lyrics about drugs, slot machines and dark side of night life.
Medication Time are fairly new on the scene as well. Their demo tape was really solid and took many people by surprise. This record contains short blasts heavily influenced by grindcore and every fan of new school American power violence will be more than pleased to hear this harshness. Their lyrics also reflect bleak aspects of living in a small town in a forgotten part of Slovakia (pawn shops, shitty cheap drugs etc.). Both bands have different approach to extreme hardcore, but they show that the scene is still thriving. Power violence responsibly!
The record comes out in 300 pieces on white vinyl in collaboration with Bad Luck records.
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