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Nevrotici metropolitani

September 20th, 2007 - Milan, Italy


In Milan for three days on business, my original plan was to get up early every morning and go for a walk for an hour before going into the office, After all, my hotel was only a few hundred yards from the Scala, the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele... If I arrived there around seven o'clock I could observe the city waking up and take photographs by the wonderfully luminous first morning light...


In the end of course, I was too tired to get out of bed an hour earlier than was strictly necessary, and far too busy during the day to take any time out. This morning, though, my train back to Geneva was not until 08h25, so I managed to give myself twenty minutes or so to wander around the station area - and to take a few photographs of these statues by Swiss sculptor Kurt Laurenz Metzler. Despite their jolly colours, they are supposed to represent "nevrotici metropolitani" or Stadtneurotiker (city neurotics). Unfortunately I did not have the time to wait to get the ideal shots that I just knew would come along sooner or later - passers-by unconsciously mimicking the poses of the statues, as the woman in this picture is almost doing - and in my suit and tie I was hardly inconspicuous. But given the limited time I had, I'm pretty happy with the results.


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Taken on September 20, 2007