Vermiculture Makers Club Exhibition at the Kentucky School of Art 849 Gallery
An exhibition of art, new media, DIY design, music, and participatory projects, celebrating the connections between humans and worms. Artist Amy Youngs, who has been making work with composting worms for over ten years, exhibits her recent projects that interface worms with our domestic spaces. As beneficial waste processors, fertilizer producers and greenhouse gas reducers, worm colonies are invited into the home, workplace, art studio and gallery as collaborators and as models for living more sensitively with ecosystems.

Selected creative works of her former students and worm-appreciating colleagues arerepresented in the exhibition, along with a call for additional work that can be submitted via social media by anyone in the world using the #wormculture tag. Visitors to the exhibition can participate in the “worm selfie station”, rock in a chair that powers a hydroponic worm ecosystem, watch worm webcam movies, and take inspiration from a variety of experimental worm bin designs and vermicultural artifacts. Creative participation is encouraged. Everyone is invited to create their own work and submit it to the Vermi-Prize contest; an award for the best new culture created for, or about, composting worms. More info at

Makers Club Members in the exhibition: Ryan Agnew, Joachim Bean, Levi Bedall, Katherine Beigel, Gretchen Cochran, Elizabeth Fischer, Matt Herrmann, Xinge Huang, Kay Bea Jones, Daniel Meredith, Henry Peller, Evan Rimoldi, Ken Rinaldo, Andrea Ross, Ethan Schaefer, Lindsay Scypte, Ann Silverman, Casey Slive, Krzysztof Topolski, Patrick Turner, Patrick Vokaty, and Zachary Weinberg.
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