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Ringo Pie - Collections for Kerry

Ringo Pie is a creative quilt bee where you are encouraged to go crazy with patchwork. For October, our first month, Kerry asked for collections.


I collect vintage canisters. Not long ago, for no good reason, I ordered a set of Kona cottons that matched my canisters. It seemed appropriate to use some of them. She asked us to use:


- Something old: the diamond print on the shelf is vintage

- Something new: the konas

- Something given to us: the tea label fabric came in a swap

- Anything else


I wanted to try freestyle piecing without actually cutting proper lines. Let's call it drunk patchwork. This is roughly 13"x10", but you'll need to even it up when you are ready to use it. Feel free to trim away to make it fit in your mosaic, Kerry. I haven't signed it yet because I don't have an indelible marker. I might just stitch my name for you.


Completely free-piecing. No patterns or templates involved. Is it too out there? If you want to something tidier, I understand. Not everyone likes offbeat quirky patchwork.

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Taken on September 11, 2010