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June 4, 2016. It took me a few days after the horrible killing of Harambe to remember this photo. Zoos must change. They can no longer be for the entertainment of humans.


This was first posted 01/23/2012. Today I happened to run into the father and his son at the zoo, much to my delight, (and his son was wearing the same hat so I knew it was them) and told him about this photo. At the time I took it I had no idea how well I had captured the moment or I would have said something then. For some reason I thought they were from out of town and that I'd never see them again, but I did!


I absolutely hate going to the ape house at the zoo when it's crowded. It is while viewing the apes that I have seen some of the worst of human behavior at the zoo--teasing them, making fun of them, and screaming at them. I had not seen them in many years, but decided to take a chance on a cold day in hopes that very few people would be there. There was only a family with a young boy. The man introduced his son to the huge and beautiful male gorilla who was sitting up against the glass. The man crouched down low and lowered his head, not making direct eye contact, as the instructions say, to show deference and respect to the gorilla.

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Taken on January 23, 2012