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[261/365] Drawn in One Hour | by Handy Andy Pandy
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[261/365] Drawn in One Hour

So today is something different. A while back I gave myself a challenge to come up with a photo in one hour (here:


Today I did the same. Here's the breakdown:


00:00 -> 00:30: Trying to figure out how to use the stopwatch app on my tablet (This step took 30s)


00:30 -> 06:59: Trying to think of an idea. When there's time pressure, it's actually damn hard to think of ideas! I basically ripped open my cupboard and dug through all my old props, trying to find inspiration. Nothing really spoke to me, but down the bottom of my prop box I found a box of crayons, and thought about drawing on my face. But what could I draw? A tattoo? No, boring. I knew I really wanted to do SOMETHING involving crayons though, so I kept tossing ideas around in my head and then finally thought, "I could draw my own head, literally." Groovy. (This step took 6min 29s)


06:59 -> 12:17: I took a few minutes to set up a black backdrop, move all my lights into the right spot, get the camera set up and everything. The lighting: One orange-gelled flash at full power directly to the left of me for side-light. One blue-gelled flash at 1/4 power directly to my right for more side lighting. One red-gelled flash 1/16 power in front and slightly to the right of me for some fill light. Once the lighting was set up, the camera focus was set and then the actual shooting only took about 1 minute. (This step took 5min 18s)


12:17 -> 45:10: Pulled the images off my SD card and into Photoshop and then got to work. I erased my head, leaving just the black background behind me, but kept the original shot of my head to use as a reference as I was drawing. I used a crayon brush (a couple of them are already included in Photoshop) and then got stuck into it. I don't have a lot of experience at drawing, but I'm happy enough with it, given the time constraints (I really had to rush!) (This step took 32min 52s)


45:10 -> 50:39 Messed around with the colours, the lighting, added a texture pattern over the time and some other things. Added my signature. Done! (This step took 5min 28s)


Final thoughts: Phew! It's much harder than it seems to come up with an idea, set up your equipment, shoot the photos, load them into Photoshop and fully edit a photo in an hour. You REALLY have to rush, there's no time for second guessing, and some steps (like the lighting setup) you really don't have time to play around and try a few different things. You kinda just have to think of an idea and go for it no matter what, no deviating. But it's a really good challenge, a great way to break out of creative ruts and try something new. I'm under no illusions this is a great photo; I personally don't love it. I think the concept is great but I'd like to do a better job on the execution if I ever revisit this idea.


But hey, it's not about the destination as much as it's about the journey. I had fun. Might do this again later on down the track. :)

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Taken on May 29, 2014