Radford Semele Before & After the Fire
Images from before & after the fire of March 16th 2008, and from the rebuilding due to be completed in May 2013.

I designed and made the rose window above the entrance to this church for the Millennium, a project I particularly enjoyed, especially as being familiar with the area I'd had ideas about doing a design for this very window before it was even commissioned - I couldn't believe my luck when the studio I worked in was approached in 1999!

That luck ran out with the destruction of the church by fire in an arson attack on March 16th 2008, leaving not a trace of any of the windows (even the tracery was lost in many cases).

I was very sad to have lost my window, but of course the greater tragedy was the community losing their entire building, a blow which has taken several years to recover from and much expense.

Update Jan 2013 :-
Work on rebuilding the church is in it's final phases and the reconstructed church will be finished and reopened in April 2013. The interior will be reorientated with most of the nave arcade removed and new glazed gables on the north side which will be the new focus of worship, the old chancel becoming a side chapel. Emma Blount of London has won the commission for five new windows (three of stained glass, two sandblasted or etched) whilst I have been asked to remake my rose window which will return to it's position above the main entrance.

You can visit the website devoted to the restoration fund here:-
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