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Slightly edited shot of a girl in Amsterdam. Taken with my Sony HX1.


Sometimes when I try to secretly shoot somebody, they notice me waving my camera in their general direction and they might panic (hey, having a wicked Reflectah pointing his cam at you can be a somewhat disturbing experience!), and some even go as far as calling the cops, like the lady in these pictures. Once she realized that she might end up in a puddle, being wickedly reflected on, she grabbed her mobile and started dialing 911 112, hysterically screaming at the emergency services people to come and rescue her, crying, sobbing and ululating all over the place. Of course by the time her fingers hit the '1' on the dialpad the first time, I had already hopped on my trusty bicycle and was rapidly riding into the sunset, only to search for less attentive victims, or at least a fool without a mobile phone, lol :D


Amsterdam photos


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Taken on April 14, 2012