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Unedited shot of typical Dutch flowers in Amsterdam. Taken with my Sony HX1. Dedicated to all the Doobie Brothers out there :)


As you might know, it is legal in the Netherlands to have 5 Marijuana plants growing in your house and you can buy Cannabis products in the Coffeeshops, that sell anything but coffee (well, they do, but it's usually not worth calling it that, as they viciously focus on their core-competencies, lol :), and are rather popular with tourist and locals alike. Too bad we've voted for an ultra-right-christian Government in the last elections, and they decided to finally do away with the few remaining liberties and established easy-goingness in this lovely country, very soon the Coffeeshops will be closed clubs that only locals can enter to purchase mind-altering substances, so no more tourists, no more happy people floating through the streets.


Instead we'll get a scenario where shady characters will sell 'weed' to you in the streets, or maybe they'll sell you horse-manure, pretending it's hash, or they'll try to force some Crack, Coke or PCP on you, since nobody will control them, as they do it with the shops now, nobody will know what you'll buy and if it might severely harm you instead of giving you a nice little buzz. I sincerely apologize to all future victims of those scams for the short-sightedness and retardedness that caused the Netherlands to return to the good old times of the 50s, when the world was a 'better' place, we meant no harm and we didn't think it would come to this, but yeah, that's just how we roll in the best country in the world at the moment, good luck and Godspeed :)


Thank God it's Friday!


I've made a wicked movie of these lovely plants too, check it out on my YouTube channel, thank you :)




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Taken on July 3, 2011