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Unedited shot of people at a Tram-stop at the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam, reflected in a puddle. Taken with my Panasonic DMC-FZ8. No editing, no magic tricks, no Photoshop :)

I'm still busybusybusy taking care of interesting, annoying issues that keep popping up lately, and some of these things required me to take the Tram, something I do maybe once a year and try to avoid whenever I can, I usually travel everywhere on my trustworthy bike Lord Bikenheimer, not just because I prefer to decide which way to go, how fast to go and all that, but also because the public transportation system in Amsterdam is slow, expensive (2,60 euro for 1 hour!) and often overcrowded. Unfortunately this weekend I had to make use of it repeatedly and realized once again that the best city in the world is a whole different place when experienced from the inside of a Tram or Metro. I really don't know how people can do this every day, it's just such a nerve-wrecking, smelly, overpriced way to travel and the only upside is that you get to look at people and watch them trying to waste their time reading the paper, staring at the information-screens or watching others trying to waste their time reading the paper, staring at the information-screens, etc, a bit of a vicious cycle, hahaha :-D

Enjoy your Sunday, take it easy :)

I've made a wicked reflection movie of this puddle too, check it out on my YouTube channel, thanks :)


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B℮n, and 4 other people added this photo to their favorites.

  1. rene1956 (Burning the Midnight Lamp) 53 months ago | reply

    Man, your the real king of reflection!
    Every time I'm surprized by the wonderfull colors and all those details.
    Have a great sunday my friend!

  2. espri fotografeert 53 months ago | reply

    You go too.. With THE flow.

  3. Shristina 53 months ago | reply

    Fantastic shot!

  4. B℮n 53 months ago | reply

    Upside down..>!


  5. srirang1 53 months ago | reply

    Wow! Menacing reflection here!!

  6. AmsterSam - The Wicked Reflectah 53 months ago | reply

    Thank you kindly espri fotografeert (I will DO that ;)), rene1956 (thx for 300.000 views!) (I'm happy to hear that :)), DikkeBiggie, ghengis kool, Shristina, B℮n (always :), Aardewerk, tom van hoogstraten and srirang1 :)

  7. Laila___ 53 months ago | reply

    so much going on! great one! :)

  8. ColourPixie 53 months ago | reply

    So awesome!! Looks like a superhero ballet dancer pose.

  9. Dr. Ilia 53 months ago | reply

    Seen in the group "RefLeCtIoN"

  10. AmsterSam - The Wicked Reflectah 52 months ago | reply

    Thanks a lot Laila___, ColourPixie and Dr. Ilia :)

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