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    Photo by AMPt member Adam Conner
    (IG: derblutenkat)

    Part of the ongoing arc_2xTake series.

    I love setting personal challenges with editing so for this shot I challenged myself to create a realistic image by blending parts of other images together.

    - Selected 4 images taken with the Hipstamatic Alfred Infrared/Melodie combo (tree on left, trees on right, ground and trees on horizon)
    - Brought each image into Filterstorm, converted to bw and then used the color tool to apply a white gradient to isolate the area of the image I wanted to use.
    - Blended the resulting images together using the Double Exposure effect, multiply blend option and gradient tool to ensure smooth blending.

    Human Figures
    - Used the multiple blend option again to add the figure of the child running
    - Setup the ProHDR app and stood in a hallway so I was backlit for the “giant” silhouette (yes that’s me).
    - Cleaned up image to isolate my silhouette and used the multiply blend option again to add the final figure to the image.

    Now that I had a nice bw base image I needed to create a mood and bring the image to life.

    - Selected the second default setting
    - Reduced height of reticle
    - Positioned over figure of child

    Lens Light
    - Selected White Spikes
    - Set brightness to 30%
    - Positioned between tree and leg of large silhouette

    - Light leak overlay at full strength

    - Added Paint Dabble Texture @ 50% with Bright style option
    - Added second layer with Nebula @ 50% and Blue Streak style option

    - The blank sky didn’t fit well so I took a shot of some clouds, converted to bw and increased the contrast
    - Applied to working image with Double Exposure effect, multiply blend option and brush tool over sky area

    Photo FX
    - The giant silhouette was a bit to crisp so I applied the Diffusion > Contrast 2 effect to blend the image better.


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