HDR Panorama Stained Glass Ceiling At Erawan Museam , Samutprakarn ,Thailand / พาโนรามาเพดานกระจกสีที่พิพิธภัณฑ์ช้างเอร าวัณ

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    Stained Glass

    Stained Glass is the art of Western Culture which used to decorate the ceiling of Dome building or the Earth level in the Erawan Museum. The artist who designed these stained glasses was independent German artist named Jakob Schwarzkopf who design and paint the churches and important places in Europe, America and Middle East.
    This artist impressed Khun Lek who built ‘Muang Boran’ (Ancient City) at Bang Pu, Samut Prakan and ‘Sanctuary of Truth’ at Pattaya. Therefore, Khun Lek chose the artist to work in the Erawan Museum.
    The artist began his work by measuring the area and designing the painting. He ordered the company who produced the stained glass in ancient technique: to blow glass and press it until it became flat and separate it into two parts: the first part where the artist draw the picture, the second part is the decorative design.
    Later, he took the first part of stained glass to draw the designed picture then broil in fixed time to make it durable. When it was finished, the company transported it from Germany to Thailand.
    These stained glasses were installed with the metal structure which were calculated and designed in advance. The company sent his technician from Germany to install these glasses in tin frame supported by stainless string. While working on installation, the artist came to supervise at times.
    These stained glasses work are the arts of semi-abstract which presents the Earth with five continents in the middle. The sun shines to energize all beings. All are surrounded by the twelve signs of Zodiac where the outer edge is portraits represent various human postures. Artist uses colours to represent the four elements: yellow as soil, red as fire, white as the wind, and blue as water.
    When the installation was accomplished, the dome structure which represents earth is flourished with the light effects coming through the stained glass as if the goodness were sent to the Earth.

    Information From www.erawan-museum.com/

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      What a great capture !
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      I loved the picture of the stained glass.
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      Like a piece of art!
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      Beautiful image :o)

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      Looks fantastic. The allowed resolution is unfortunately to small.

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