Suggested Detailing Guide

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    A easy/beginner way to detail the plastic rings made by Shapeways.

    Video Version for metal rings HERE

    I recommend water based acrylic paint and markers for beginners since it's easier to work with and clean up/fix mistakes. More experienced crafters can use their preferred paint type/detailing method. Step 3 will take more time and effort on the WSF material since it "holds" paint better than the WD material.

    For metal pendants and rings I recommend doing steps 2 and 3.

    If you want the color details on your metal rings, do steps 4 and 5 (skip 6) but use high quality enamel paints for models (diecast/metal model paint best choice).

    I recommend oil based enamel for coloring the raised areas on the metal versions of the rings due to its bond strength. The raised areas must be durable high quality paint or clear coated otherwise the accent colors will quickly wear off.

    (To Enlarge Pic: Right click picture and pick Original)

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    1. jeremygilman 28 months ago | reply

      do i have to paint it when i buy it?

    2. MJCaboose5678 21 months ago | reply

      How would you suggest painting the Apple of Eden ring you sell?

    3. ammnra 18 months ago | reply

      For metal pendants and rings I recommend doing steps 2 and 3.

    4. fletch0780 18 months ago | reply

      do you let the black paint dry before washing it off?

    5. ammnra 18 months ago | reply

      No. Its easier if you remove the black paint while it is still wet.

    6. Suisyo 16 months ago | reply

      I purchased the clear transparent omni tool ring, and was wondering if, other than applying the orange glass paint, there were any other steps you took to get it like the picture you have posted for that listing. Such as sealing it with something or any other materials/paints used? I am trying to paint it for a gift and really liked how the one in the picture came out and would like to replicate it as closely as possible.

    7. ammnra 16 months ago | reply

      Nope, just a few coats of transparent orange paint.

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