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    More bamboo!

    And why not - it is quite beautiful. A green unlike any other; growing at almost unbelievable speeds; and in giant groves bending gracefully under the swaying weight of its great height, forming naturally arched cathedrals of green rustling shade - The spring wind in a grove is a sound like no other.

    It is also incredible for other reasons. Bamboo possesses, in some ways, all of the strength of steel (although it is much weaker under twisting). Its abundance and the ease with which it is grown makes it a perfect low-cost material for building. It only takes one trip to Hong Kong (or one Jackie Chan movie) to be bewildered by the amazing scaffolding constructed solely with bamboo.

    This strength and suitability has led to another unique use, which is very much tied to my current university exploits. One of my professors, seeing that mobility in Africa was a huge issue, decided upon a project.

    The thinking is thus - a person walking can cover only a few miles in a day. The extra distance that can be covered by providing that person with a bike is immense. The leap from foot to pedal is much greater than that from pedal to engine. This allows for much more economic freedom to trade and build livelihoods. He also noticed that all bikes in Africa were colonial-era design heavy steel contraptions made in China. There was no incentive to provide durable, light-weight bikes to people, because they simply could not afford them.

    The idea, to help with development by allowing for the creation of a native industry providing bicycles at low cost with local knowledge allowing them to be rebuilt and reused as necessary, using recycled parts of old bicycles on a light-weight bamboo frame, is almost too simple.

    He buiilt the first bike that had ever been built in Sub-Saharan Africa. Out of bamboo.

    Please check the website - Bamboo Bike Project.

    The title of the picture alludes to the Akutagawa story upon which Rashomon was based - which I also recommend.

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    1. -Faizal- 72 months ago | reply

      That's fantastic!
      Sounds like you're doing very well with your decision to stay!
      Great description...Saw the movie, loved it!

    2. txkun [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot.
      I like bamboo a lot too.

      I read this:
      "Bamboo minimizes CO2 gases and generates up to 35% more oxygen then equivalent stand of trees"

      Probably in this plant lies the future of our planet.
      Who knows? ^__^

    3. Ocha-Neko 72 months ago | reply

      that's really cool!!! I was told when I lived in japan that the bikes that people leave behind are eventually collected and sent to countries where they could be used.

      Also I watched Mythbusters and they proved that bamboo could grow right through a person!!!!

    4. jon.noj 72 months ago | reply

      This world-class image has been awarded a globe (text version) from
      Global Village 2 (post 1 - give a globe to 5)

    5. Simon Purdy 72 months ago | reply

      Great shot, and info.

    6. Light ᶤˢ ᵒᶠᶠ [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

      This world-class image was found in
      Global Village 2 (post 1 - give a globe to 5)

    7. Sérgio Dantas.'. - Thanks for 430.000 views [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

    8. sofarsocute je suis Борис 71 months ago | reply

      Bamboo is an amazing plant. Its qualities are not so known outside of East Asia.
      Thanks for exposing this project.

    9. KoNwALsKy 71 months ago | reply

      cool shot!! great job

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