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This was taken after my yudofu dinner while I was in Kyoto last month with some friends. It was actually a subtemple of Nanzenji, which had become a restaurant, so the surroundings were spectacular.

Taking off shoes before entering houses or rooms is universal in Japan. Historically I think it is because Japan gets a lot of rain, and their main type of flooring was tatami - made of straw - which is really susceptible to damage.

It does offer up some unique spectacles though - the paramedics rushing into my school to pick up an extremely sick student, pausing in the doorway while carrying a stretcher to slip out of their shoes - the workmen who walk barefoot around building sites to protect a newly laid floor, but not their own feet - or the makeshift tents of the homeless men in Ueno park, their shoes sitting neatly outside their neatly constructed entranceway, still adhering to the mores of a society that has forgotten them.

I myself have three pairs of shoes for work!

This is definitely one of the recurring themes in my pictures.

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  1. only1tanuki ages ago | reply

    This has such a nice composition. Three levels of texture, the tidy vs untidy array of the shoes... Very Nice.

  2. dan [durango99] ages ago | reply

    love the low angle for the shot...the wood and brown tones are so wonderful. love the shot...bright and with story

  3. JuliusTheCat ages ago | reply

    I like it!

  4. ° Giuliana * ages ago | reply

    A+++ Grade Photo

  5. Alvarez del Vayo ages ago | reply

    A+++ Grade Photo

  6. Planarc ages ago | reply

    Good extract. Conveys the mood of tranquility very nicely.
    This world-class image was found in
    Global Village 2 (post 1 - give a globe to 5)

  7. ckm2005 ages ago | reply

    very nice lighting and the low angle!!....wonderful shot bro!...
    you have a superb day ahead bro!!!....

  8. amazing current [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Wow! Feels like "zen".
    It's great how simple objects can talk when carefully put in a photo!

  9. Heilah Alnasser ages ago | reply

    very balanced composition, the lighting is great

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  10. Gekko82 ages ago | reply

    The good use of light in this photo creates a wonderful image.

  11. finnnnnn 118 months ago | reply

    something about the color scheme in this is very soothing. good job.

  12. WildJunket 116 months ago | reply

    hey there! Stunning picture! would love to use your picture in my article for if you'll give me the permission! I'm writing on bizarre asian cultural habits. It'll be credited and linked to your flickr profile. Let me know how u feel, my email's!

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