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Fall is here, time for some maturity!

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AUTUMN: n 1. the season of the year between summer and winter; fall. 2. a time of maturity and the beginning of decay.
My description: The most beautiful season, specially for photography.
This was shot at the backyard of my old house in fall of last year.

1. Here is a picture from the same angle as this one but in winter!

2. PhotoFriday Challenge: Depth of Field

  1. Amin Allen Tabrizi 115 months ago | reply

    By the way, I got the description from the Gage Canadian Concise Dictionary (Just to say I site the reference).

  2. i used to be [deleted] 113 months ago | reply

    gorgeous photo, excellent eye!

  3. Amin Allen Tabrizi 113 months ago | reply

    Thank you both i2i and Desideria for your comments. I appreciate that you visit my pics.

  4. MacArtist 112 months ago | reply

    I love the colors and everything about it. It evokes "Fall" to me.

    great1 ::the eYe::

  5. Amin Allen Tabrizi 112 months ago | reply

    Thank you MacArtist for your comments and also the vote ;)

  6. ♥♥♥ Lady K!! ♥♥♥ [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

    I love autumn!! and... i loved this picture... it remembers me my mother... (looong story)

    Great2 .:The eYe:.

  7. koty3 112 months ago | reply

    extra color und komposition

  8. Carver Images 111 months ago | reply

    very different. I like it!

    Great3 from the Inspir@ction group

  9. { Maritza } Photography 111 months ago | reply

    Love the details in the leaves

    Great4 from the Inspir@ction group

  10. Amin Allen Tabrizi 111 months ago | reply

    Sehr danke Ella fur dein kommentar!

    I owe some "thank yous" here! First, thank you Lady Kubrika for your comment and vote; I hope it yet brings a good memory to you. Then thank you to both Just Me and Captured Sprits for your comments and votes.

  11. Alive in Calgary 111 months ago | reply

    great dof not that fond of the colours (small joke Amin)
    Great 5 from inspir@ction group

  12. steelecitysnapshots 111 months ago | reply

    nice angle, nice colours, nice dof.
    great6 from inspir@ction

  13. Amin Allen Tabrizi 111 months ago | reply

    I dunno what colour u like man...lol that was funny, first i was like "oh no, he aint complaining about the colour again" but then I smiled. Thanx a bunch for your comment and vote.

    Thank you for your comments and also your vote. I appreciate it ;)

  14. RandolphScott 111 months ago | reply

    love it. the focus could do with being a single leaf at the front buy that's a minor criticism.


  15. Alive in Calgary 111 months ago | reply

    Your photo now has 7 great votes and can be placed in the Galeria


    please come back and post another to the inspir@ction group. I'm an adim now changed the rules a bit and have people voting.


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