Joe's Wines - Movement - Midtown Memphis, TN

I love this sign! It brings joy to my neighborhood.


  • Zack 8y

    I liked in the Ronda Kia? apartments in college just yards away from this icon.
  • Amie Vanderford Photography 8y

    I lived at the Stratford Place apts, just a couple blocks down the street from this sign. It's a great sign. :)
  • Gail S 8y

    This is the best. I must go back and try shooting this again. You've inspired me, Amie.
  • Debra Jane Seltzer 8y

    The Joe's Liquors Roto-Sphere was #37 of about 234 produced. There was another Roto-Sphere in Memphis produced in 1969 (the second to last one made). I'd love to know where it was and what became of it!

    The one in Lakeland, FL has just been restored -- here's an article with a video:
  • Amie Vanderford Photography 8y

    Thanks so cool to hear! Thanks for sharing article. :)
  • brittany 8y

    Awesome shot of a great sign around town!
  • Scott King 8y

    Great Shot. Its funny i drive by this sign almost every night and tell myself I need to stop and get a shot of it. So thanks for doing my work for me
  • tony adcock PRO 8y

    I visited your fine city for the first time this weekend and when I passed that sign, I told my wife that I would like to have a night shot of it. thanks for doing what I didnt have time to.
  • tony adcock PRO 8y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Commonplace Beauty (*Post 1 - Comment 2*), and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
  • Nick Cheeseman 8y

    Great colours and motion!

    Well done!


    I saw this in Commonplace Beauty!
    Congratulations on your ability to see beauty in the mundane!
  • Andrea Vestri 8y


    I saw this in Commonplace Beauty!
    Congratulations on your ability to see beauty in the mundane!
    You are invited to visit my photostream!
    Ti invito a visitare il mio photostream!
    Andrea Vestri
  • chris_gr 7y

    I use to live on this street, in the late 80s (20 years ago, holly cow I'm getting old). Joe Liquor store is on the corner of Belvedere and Poplar Avenue. It was next door to a convenience store called Peter Pan's Pantry, which also had a giant neon sign of, guess what, Peter Pan. Except at that time both signs were broken. Not only did the Joe's Liquor sign not spin, it didn't even light up. I was always disappointed that it was in disrepair, and feared it would just be torn down. I later learned that is was restored, apparently some short time after I left Memphis. Your photos are great. Thank you for sharing them.
  • anthonyturducken PRO 7y

    awesome capture. i was in memphis recently and took a snap of it as well
  • skfegf 7y

    Makes me miss Midtown.
  • Blake McVey 7y

    Best image of Joe's sculpture I've ever seen!

    I just walked by this thing yesterday!
  • Brian Wellman 7y


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  • desai_devesh 6y

    Hi Amie,
    Love this photo for its composition and vibrant colours. I also like it because I used to frequent this store a lot when I was working in Memphis from '94 to '96. Back then the neon sign read "O's Gins" cause the "J", "E'"and "S" had fallen off. I suddenly remembered I have taken a picture of "O's GINS". Mail it to you as soon as I find it.
    I used to live in University Cabanas on Vollentine. I now am back in Mumbai, India.
  • Steve PRO 6y

    VERY Nice!
  • Rick PRO 5y

    Awesome Picture!
  • TippyB-UK PRO 5y

    I miss Joe's!! My days at Rhodes would not have been complete without frequent pre-party stops there. :)
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