Cartoon Modern Yearbook
This is a photo collection of Modernist animation artists who produced animated films during the 1950s. The photo set includes directors, animators, story artists, character designers, layout artists, background painters and even a few important studio owners. To find out more about these artists and to see their artwork, check out my new book Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation (Chronicle Books, 2006).

A few notes: I've done my best to include photos only from the 1940s-1960s to give a sense of what these artists looked like during that era. Also, this set is a work-in-progress. Some of the artists could certainly be represented with better quality photos and pictures for other artists still haven't been found (for example, Emery Hawkins, Duane Crowther, Ed Levitt, Ron Maidenberg, Art Heinemann, Michi Kataoka, Paul Harvey, John Urie, etc.). I'll update this as I unearth new photos.

More artwork by these artists can also be found at the Cartoon Modern blog.
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